Löderup Strandbad

There are many sights to see and experience such as the Castles of Marsvinsholm, Christinehof, Kronovall, Svaneholm, Tosterup etc. Beautiful beaches such as Sandhammaren, which is near to Wallander’s town of Ystad. Many galleries, Ales Stones, Hammar’s Hillside, fishing villages such as Brantevik, Skillinge, Kåseberga and every one of them in fantastic countryside. Enjoy a culturally rich experience. We will tell you more when you get here.

There are several castles to visit. Marsvinsholms Castle, 10 minutes east of Ystad dates back to Linné – 18th Century. www.marsvinsholm.se Plays are staged in the outdoor theatre every year, and this year (2011) Graham Greenes ‘Travelling with Aunt Augusta’ is being shown. Very enjoyable.

Glimmingehus Castle, is the oldest Castle in Scandinavia (1499). Take a guided tour. Wonderful!

Ales stenar, Scandinavia’s ‘Stonehenge’ is a wonderful, mysterious, exciting and energy filled place that lies on a plateau 30 meters above the sea at Kåseberga. Don’t miss ‘Ales stenar’. Eat a ‘Herring sandwich’ at the harbour, buy some fresh, smoked fish, or visit Vendels Restaurant and Café.

Sandhammaren was named Sweden’s best beach in 2010. A walk along the sand is wonderful for your feet or just enjoy the sun, why not a game of boule? Your body will regain it’s balance.